Addressing diversity

This section of the hub looks at issues of equality, diversity and human rights for learners. The module helps you to consider your role and future development in terms of your activities relating to addressing the 'diversity agenda' and meeting the learning needs of diverse groups of student. Understanding and providing effective learning support for students with diverse needs is vital if we are to widen participation in tertiary education whilst also enabling all students to achieve their full potential.

When completing your annual performance review, your continuation application or your promotion application you might want to use the criteria below to guide you in selecting specific examples of ways in which you have addressed diversity issues. For example, specify what you have done to determine and respond to the learning needs of a diverse group of students and/or specify what you have done to ensure effective communication across different cultures.

The promotion criteria for this activity area are:


Aware of learning needs of diverse student groups. 

Ability to communicate effectively across cultures (race, religion, gender, generation)


Contribution to creating a learning environment that addresses the needs of diverse and under-represented student groups e.g. needs analysis, policy development. 


Significant contribution to improving learning of diverse student groups in the institution e.g. leadership of EO initiatives, evaluation of impact of diversity agenda.


Contribution to widening student participation and diversity agenda beyond the level of the institution.