Design and planning of courses/programmes

This activity area covers the design and planning of courses and/or programmes. Design and planning includes writing clear learning outcomes, being responsive to student feedback, and innovating in curriculum and course design.

When completing your annual performance review, your continuation application or your promotion application you may want to use the example activities  below to guide you in selecting specific examples of activities or techniques that you have used to effectively design and plan your courses and/or programmes. For example, specify what you have done to ensure that you have written clear learning outcomes that are aligned with appropriate learning methods.

The promotion criteria for this activity area are:


Learning outcomes are clear, supported by appropriately chosen learning methods and aligned with assessment. 

Responsive to student feedback and review of courses and programmes.


Innovation in curriculum and course design.

Member of curriculum review committees/ panels e.g. GYR, CUAP reviews, BOS


Leads the design and implementation of courses and programmes at an institutional level e.g.

Chair of curriculum review committees, BOS. Introduction of new programmes.


Accreditation panel member for national and international accrediting bodies of educational programmes.

Curricular innovation of international influence.