Assessing learning & providing feedback

This activity area covers assessment theory and practice and providing feedback to students. The sections in this module are a little longer than the other modules and the content contains a significant number of assessment concepts. If you are new to this area we would suggest progressing through the modules in order.

When completing your annual performance review, your continuation application or your promotion application you should use the criteria below to guide you in selecting specific examples of activities or techniques that you have used in the area of assessing and providing feedback. For example, you might specify how you have applied assessment theory to the design and implementation of assessments. Alternatively you might specify how you have evaluated your assessement practice for validity.

The promotion criteria for this activity area are:


Application of assessment theory to design and implementation of assessments.

Manages assessments according to university policy.

Timely and appropriate feedback to students' progress.


Evaluation of assessment practices for validity, reliability, impact on learning. 

Disseminates best practice in assessment to colleagues.


Review of assessment policies and practices at institutional level.

Leads change processes to improve assessment and feedback practices in department or institution.

Researches into impact of assessment processes.


Recognised as a leader in assessment theory an practice.

Develops new understanding of psychometrics and impact of assessments.