This page provides a summary of your Eportfolio entries. You cannot create new portfolio records here, but you can review a summarised listing of your previous entries.

To make a new entry: go to the teaching activity area of interest (links on the left) then select the 'Add to myPortfolio' tab. Make your record, then save. When you return to this page, your new entry (and any previous records) will be listed here.

Click the links below to view the summary of your myEportfolio. You will be able to choose which entries to export/download to a printable PDF document.

Delivery of teaching to facilitate learning

Design and planning of courses/programmes

Assessing learning and providing feedback

Addressing diversity

Evaluation of practice and continuing professional development

Contribution of scholarship, research and professional activities to teaching and learning

Student support, guidance and supervision


The ePortfolio and Reflective Teaching

Lorraine Stefani, Director of the Centre for Academic Development talks about the value of maintaining an ePortfolio (requires Flash Player):

Click to view the video.

 myEportfolio is an online space where you can record your teaching activities. You can use myEportfolio to build up a picture of what you are doing with respect to improving an enhancing your teaching. This can be rewarding it itself. You can also draw on your records when you are applying for promotion or continuation. The information can also be used when you are writing your APR.

You might want to download an eportfolio exempar before readiing this page as the exemplar will help you to understand how to make use of myEportfolio.

myEportfolio exemplar

Use of myEportfolio is not mandatory. The service has been provided to help you in maintaining your teaching records. Each section of this site will guide you in the use of the ePortfolio through prompting you to access your ePortfolio at the appropriate time. For example, if you are reading the section on delivering teaching to facilitate learning you will be prompted to reflect upon whether there is a particular course in which you might more effectively deliver your teaching. If there is, you will be asked to start an ePortfolio record for that course.

Effective portfolios are structured, representative and selective so you will need to ensure that your teaching record is representative and selective.

  • Structured: myEportfolio has been designed to provide you with a structured environment for reflecting upon your teaching.
  • Representative: The documentation should represent the scope of your work. It should be representative across courses and time. Some questions for you think about might be: Does my portfolio portray the types and levels of courses that I have taught? Does my portfolio display a cross-section of my work in teaching?
  • Selective: Careful attention should be given to conciseness and selectivity in order to appropriately document your work.

myEportfolio can be used for both formative and summative evaluation of your teaching.

  • A formative portfolio is created for the purpose of personal and professional development.
  • A summative portfolio is created for the purpose of applying for an academic job, for promotion and tenure within a department or for an award application.

When the time comes to use myEportfolio for summative purposes -  promotion, continuation, annual performance review, teaching awards - you will need to copy content from your myEportfolio and paste it into the appropriate University documentation.

The Ohio State University provides an excellent resource on developing a teaching e-portfolio. We would recommend making use of this resource as you start to develop your e-portfolio.

For a more extensive list of portfolio resources, you might look at the University of Auckland Centre for Academic Develpment resource, Introduction to teaching portfolios.