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Note: This site has been reviewed and re-redesigned. We now have an information site called FMHS Everything Teaching and a separate FMHS Teaching Portfolio If you used the portfolio spaces provided here in this FMHS Teaching and Learning Hub, we suggest you export a copy of your entries and continue to document your teaching in the new FMHS Teaching Portfolio.


Welcome to the FMHS Teaching and Learning Hub


 Teaching and Learning at the FMHS

Mark Barrow (Associate Dean Education for the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences) talks about excellence in teaching and the importance of the hub and the eportoflio space for teaching and learning within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

About the Teaching and Learning Hub

The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences' Strategic Plan 2007-2012 has "excellence in teaching" as one of its priorities. The plan also commits the Faculty to providing staff with the appropriate resources and supports to help them to achieve excellence in teaching. This professional development resource is provided as part of that commitment. If you want to get going straight away take a look at this brief quick start guide Quick Start Guide.

In this resource the term "teaching" refers to all forms of teaching and facilitating learning (giving lectures, laboratory practicals, facilitating tutorials, delivering clinical or workbased teaching) along with teaching related and learning support activities (course design, curriculum design, assessment, evaluation of practice), student supervision and pastoral care.



Judging Teaching Performance

It is one thing to talk about excellence and another thing to know how excellence is to be judged. The University has a policy document "Academic Grades, Standards and Criteria" that provides the judgement criteria. However, the document is very difficult to interpret in practice. We have, therefore, produced a set of revised criteria for judging teaching performance.



myEportfolio is an online space where you can record your teaching activities. You can use myEportfolio to build up a picture of what you are doing with respect to improving an enhancing your teaching. This can be rewarding it itself.  You can also draw on your records when you are applying for promotion or continuation. The information can also be used when you are writing your APR.

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